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Hello Parents of Crescent Elementary!

Hello Parents of Crescent Elementary!

We are excited to announce the start of Crescent's Virtual Carnival! Our school goal is $15,000 and our class goals are all $1,000.

Below you will find links to your child's class page (click on the teacher's name!). Once you navigate to the page you will find items ranging from individual activities to class activities. By purchasing these activities, you will be contributing to our school goal of $15,000!

The fundraiser will run through Friday April 30th. I will be sending you updates throughout letting you know our progress towards our goal!

The following school-wide benchmarks will earn the following prizes:

  • $2,000 - Leading class will get a class dance party!
  • $5,000 - Leading teacher will get pied in the face!
  • $10,000 - Leading teacher will get hair and make up done!
  • $15,000 - Mrs. Montague will sleep on the roof!

Class Leaderboard:

  1. Ms. Thompson's 1st Grade Class
  2. Ms. Weatherspoon's 1st Grade Class
  3. Ms. Reeves' 1st Grade Class
  4. Ms. Dee's 4th Grade Class

Congrats to these classes on earning a pizza party!

Total Raised: 12,130





Goal: $15,000

Thermometer final

Find Your Class!

(Click Teacher's Name For Link)

K 2
Ms. Morgan 1
Ms. Morgan 2
Ms. Smith
Ms. Turpin
1st 1
Ms. reeves
Ms. Thompson
Ms. Weatherspoon
2nd 2
Ms. Gardner
Ms. Lawson
Ms. Chaves
3rd 3
Ms. Shaw
Ms. Andrizzi
Ms. McLean
4th 3
Ms. Harris
ms. dee
Ms. Carling
5th 2
Ms. Redd
Ms. Huffman
Ms. Gallagher

Money Will Go Towards:

  • Head Phones/Mics
  • field trips
  • Watch DOGS
  • Conquering Cub Program
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation
  • Run Club
  • Safety Patrol supplies
  • Book Fairs
  • Box Tops program
  • Reflections
  • Classic Skate Night
  • Spelling Bee
  • Replace IPads for study Buddies
  • PBIS Teachers & Students
  • IPads for 2nd grade transition
  • Technology – Programs
  • Inservice hours to continue blended learning
  • Cub of the Month & Cub Credit Cards